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Our Strengths
Why use The Arabists?
To fully appreciate the advantages of working with
The Arabists, allow us to take you through some interesting observations of the market out there, then take you through our strengths one at a time so you can see how we compare.
The meaning of "Khayy"
Often stretched when you say it, as in "khayyyyyyyyyyy", this is an expression of relief, common in the Arab countries of the Levant basin, especially in Lebanon. We at The Arabists hear this often, mostly from our agency clients in marcomm industries. Typically, they'd be up against a tough deadline, and by passing their Arabic work to us they get to meet it with no ifs, buts or maybes. Or, they typically have all sorts of technical issues when they receive copy from freelancers, but things run smoothly when it's us The Arabists who've done the job. But the most common scenario for "khayy" is...
Khayy.. no more "bouncing copy"
The one scenario where we get most sighs of relief is when our agency clients are up against a tough client of their own who's always questioning their Arabic copy. Yet when he/she is given copy that has been outsourced to The Arabists, he/she would say something along the lines of: "Oh, so you've finally hired a professional copywriter." The Arabic copy would no longer keep bouncing back and forth between client and agency, and matters run as smoothly as they do with English copy.
Quality is the essence of our speed
We weren't sure if it was wise to flaunt "speed" as one of our strengths. After all, quality takes time. In fact, much of the mediocre Arabic work out there is due to translators and writers not putting enough time into the work they do (maybe because they do it on the side, in their spare time). Essentially, what we mean by speed is that we save you time, especially by writing copy that doesn't "bounce".
But we ARE fast
We're not freelancers. Translation and creative adaptation is not something we do on the side, when we have time, after we've come back from our latest trek across the Amazon. Rather, we are dedicated marcomm professionals, operating as a company dedicated to marketing communications in Arabic. Translation, writing and artworking is what we do during working hours, and not in our spare time. This means we work fast, getting your work done when you need it.
In many cases, REALLY fast
When you pass a job on to a freelancer, he/she is the only resource allocated to it. But with The Arabists, you can have multiple Arabic resources working on it, which means we can often be really fast with lengthy projects. Best of all, we have in place measures for streamlining the workflow, including several stages of editing, to ensure that the work is consistent throughout, even though several writers had worked on it.

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