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Who'll love us and why
Clients in marcomms agencies.
Our clients in marcomms industries enjoy working with us because we understand how they work, and how their businesses operate. Click on a link below for some insight into what that means.
Ad Agency Creatives
An agency working with The Arabists will see the impact on its bottom line. No, not because we're expensive, but because with us you get more work out in less time and with less investment. Whether you're the agency's head honcho or the fresh-faced AE wondering what they did in a previous life to deserve a career in advertising, we'll help you deal with all the karmic lessons of getting Arabic work signed off by clients.
Managing Directors : take on more business without taking on more staff
The agency has just won a contract that requires more Arabic creatives. But you're in Dubai, and renting space for them is going to cost an arm and a leg. Or you're in Saudi Arabia, and there's a moratorium on hiring. Or, quite simply, the contract you won is too transient/
temporary in nature to warrant hiring permanent resources. This is where The Arabists can help. We'll give you access to Arabic resources without having to hire. Makes perfect business sense, does it not?
Business Development Manager: because life's a pitch
How many times have you lost a pitch despite presenting some brilliant creative, simply because the prospective client's primary/secondary/tertiary target audience (straight lift from Slide N°. 6 of your last presentation) was Arabic-speaking and your creative didn't come out as powerful in Arabic as it did in English? With The Arabists, you can go to a pitch prepared with Arabic that won't be shot down. By the way, that rationale on Slide N°. 378 of the presentation is really profound. Want us to translate that too?
Client Service Director: no more putting out fires (and feeling sorry for the AEs)
Lola and Paula are at it again with Shireen and Nisreen. Yet another case of Suits-vs-Creatives, and yet another fire to put out with a client who's complaining again about your Arabic copy being either too bland or too sophisticated. And the last time you put pen to paper in Arabic was during that fateful Bac-II exam back in the 80s. Apart from siding with the AEs, and talking to the CD about the attitudes of Shireen and Nisreen, you can ask Lola and Paula to send the campaign to The Arabists.
Account Directors: together we'll conquer MENA
When's the last time you were doing a tactical one-off ad for a local client, but the Arabic creative came out so good that the client's principal's EMEA regional office decided to run it as a full campaign across MENA? We at The Arabists can help you with Arabic copy that sounds just as appealing to the Arabs of the Gulf as it does to Arabs in the Levant. We won't promise you the world, but we can promise you the Middle East and North Africa. And no, we don't have affiliates in EU, CIS, BRIC or G–BRIC, but we'll consider having some if they start speaking Ara-BIC.
Account Executives: stuck between a rock and a hard place?
So this is the 7th time the client sends you back with the mock-ups because, he insists, "the Arabic is still not quite there". After 90 minutes stuck in traffic, you're stuck –for the 8th time– with the agency's answer to Al-Mutanabbi and Seebawaih arguing about the "No Which Prohibits Sex" (also known to grammar fans as "Lä an-näfiya lel jens"). If there's one thing about Arabic copy produced by The Arabists, it's the fact that it doesn't "bounce". Clients accept it as it is, and won't send you back with it.
Our secret is not only writing crisp, reader-friendly copy, but also avoiding cumbersome constructs likely to cause pointless arguments and endless disagreements. The copy gets approved, you say "khayy", and you go tell your colleague that the Save Our Mobtada' Foundation is hosting their thrice-weekly Semantics Gymnastics evening this Wednesday. Happy hour from 6:00 to 6:02 (when the first argument breaks out).

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