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Who'll love us and why
Clients in marcomms agencies.
Our clients in marcomms industries enjoy working with us because we understand how they work, and how their businesses operate. Click on a link below for some insight into what that means.
Ad Agency Creatives
Advertising agency creatives of all kinds will enjoy having their work Arabized by The Arabists. It's not just that we understand how advertising works; we also understand how advertising agencies work, how campaigns are developed and how they evolve from a creative standpoint. And before this intro starts sounding completely like something a Suit would put down in a PowerPoint presentation, let's take you one at a time.
Creative Directors: your campaigns will make just as much noise in Arabic
Whether in terms of copy or in terms of the concept itself, we'll make your award-winning creative come out as good in Arabic as it does in English. This is especially a boon when you're presenting your creative to clients whose primary target audience is Arabic-speaking. Actually, strike that last statement – we'd rather save it for the Suits page. Instead, just think back to that time you had a destined-for-Cannes campaign, with just a few words amid a sea of white space. Remember how it got scrapped because your freelancer couldn't get it to work in Arabic? Remember how the client then used his niece's "concept", complete with starbursts? Lots and lots of starbursts? Remember how you begged to have the "We also sell phone cards" starburst removed? We rest our case.
Art Directors: no layout-messing pontification
You've designed a layout based on a 3-word headline. But Arabic is a beautifully rich language, which usually makes copywriters go wild and pontificate about the meaning of life like they were the Arab World's answer to Yeats. Suddenly, your beautifully clean layout requires space for 3 LINES instead! That won't happen with The Arabists: we tune our copy to fit the art direction. There's even a campaign with a ONE-word headline in our portfolio (and no, that word wasn't "Sale").
English Copywriters: you can still have fun with that pun
Wicked! You've come up with a clever line that works in English, but the Suits are pondering whether the pun therein would work in Arabic. Before they send you back to the drawing board, ask for The Arabists to come on-board. We have in our portfolio an example of word-play that everybody said wouldn't work in Arabic. We made it work, and can make yours, too. By the way, puns are a fading fad. Try pun-ctuation instead; the weirder the better. And rhymes. They're making a comeback. We're good at both: The Arabists' the name; Arabic's the game (dayum).
Arabic Copywriters: sign off that artwork with confidence
Ah yes, the overworked, underpaid fellow who has to turn around in an hour what his English-speaking colleagues have been working on for months. A 60-page brochure lands on your desk, but you're already overstretched. The production manager decides to send the job out to a freelancer. Yet when the copy comes back, it's you who has to proofread it, sign it off and even answer for it. When the job's been done by The Arabists, you can sign off the copy with confidence, and won't even need to proofread it (unless, of course, the guy in the corner with a Mac vxII happened to slaughter it during layout because [a] your agency gave us only the copy job and not the artwork, and [b] he was distracted by the Paris Hilton "self-improvement video" he was downloading when
he did the artwork).

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